March 3, 2021 Update

The health order has been amended again.   Dancing and open congregate areas are now back.  Guests must continue to be seated when eating and drinking.  Like restaurants masks are mandated when guests are not seated at their tables.  Social distancing rules apply so tables will be placed 6 ft apart. The max capacity rules have been relaxes as well. Under these guidelines we can accommodate our max at 225. 

February 12, 2021 Update

The health order has been amended and food stations/ buffets are now allowed. Of course there are noted safety measures but another step in the right direction!

February 11, 2021 Update

Good news, the Governor has lifted the statewide curfew.

November 16, 2020 – Update

Department of Health Director’s Order – Pertaining to Weddings –  Paragraph 3

In order to minimize the spread of Covid-19 through airborne particles passing between people during close contact, wedding receptions, funeral repasts and other events at banquet facilities are subject to each of the following restrictions:

  1. No socializing or activities in open congregate areas and no dancing;
  2. Guests must be seated at all times. Traditional wedding reception events such as first dance, toasts and cutting the cake are permitted;
  3. If serving food and beverages, guests must be served at their seats.  No self-serve buffets permitted and no self-serve bar areas;
  4. Masks must be worn at all times unless actively consuming food or beverages; and
  5. No more than 10 people seated to a table, and those individuals must be from the same household.

November 13, 2020 –  Update

Governor DeWine is implementing a new social distancing order placing significant restrictions on banquets, wedding receptions, and social gatherings after funerals. Open congregate areas can no longer be open. The new order requires everyone to be seated and masked unless they are actively consuming food or drinks and prohibits things such as dancing and games. 

July 9, 2020 –  Update

Additional mandates from the City of Cincinnati and State of Ohio are requiring all guests to wear masks.

June 9, 2020 – Update

The new Dine Safe Ohio Order was updated and released on June 8th.  This is the order in which banquet and catering facilities are to follow.

– Under these guidelines we can accommodate 150 guests with a dance floor. Guests may be seated at tables that are separated by 6 ft from the chair from one table to a chair from another table.

– Guests must be seated when consuming food, beer, wine and liquor.

-Open congregate areas including dancing are now permitted to open but social distancing guidelines must be followed in these areas. 

-The order also states that there is a possible adjustment of these orders. If the situation continues to improve, then more restrictions will be lifted and if the situation deteriorates additional targeted restrictions will need to be made.


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