November 16, 2020 – Update

Department of Health Director’s Order – Pertaining to Weddings –  Paragraph 3

In order to minimize the spread of Covid-19 through airborne particles passing between people during close contact, wedding receptions, funeral repasts and other events at banquet facilities are subject to each of the following restrictions:

  1. No socializing or activities in open congregate areas and no dancing;
  2. Guests must be seated at all times. Traditional wedding reception events such as first dance, toasts and cutting the cake are permitted;
  3. If serving food and beverages, guests must be served at their seats.  No self-serve buffets permitted and no self-serve bar areas;
  4. Masks must be worn at all times unless actively consuming food or beverages; and
  5. No more than 10 people seated to a table, and those individuals must be from the same household.

November 13, 2020 –  Update

Governor DeWine is implementing a new social distancing order placing significant restrictions on banquets, wedding receptions, and social gatherings after funerals. Open congregate areas can no longer be open. The new order requires everyone to be seated and masked unless they are actively consuming food or drinks and prohibits things such as dancing and games. 

July 9, 2020 –  Update

Additional mandates from the City of Cincinnati and State of Ohio are requiring all guests to wear masks.

June 9, 2020 – Update

The new Dine Safe Ohio Order was updated and released on June 8th.  This is the order in which banquet and catering facilities are to follow.

– Under these guidelines we can accommodate 150 guests with a dance floor. Guests may be seated at tables that are separated by 6 ft from the chair from one table to a chair from another table.

– Guests must be seated when consuming food, beer, wine and liquor.

-Open congregate areas including dancing are now permitted to open but social distancing guidelines must be followed in these areas. 

-The order also states that there is a possible adjustment of these orders. If the situation continues to improve, then more restrictions will be lifted and if the situation deteriorates additional targeted restrictions will need to be made.


We do have a preferred list of vendors we feel awesome about and are thrilled to recommend. You can use
whomever you like if they are insured and licensed in Ohio to do the job that you hire them for and abide by all of the rules outlined in the Rental Agreement. Need some ideas, we’re happy to help.

No, however, we highly recommend that you hire the services of a professional wedding planner to help with planning and coordination of your day.

Our event and vendor insurance policies protect The Spot on West Fifth and the vendors but not you.  To protect you in the same way on your event day, we require that you purchase “Day of Event” liability insurance. The insurance is available from your insurance agent or on the web for a nominal fee, approximately $150.

Your certificate is required by 30 days before your event.  Exact requirements can be found in the Rental Agreement.

With a generous size dance floor and cocktail reception area, we can easily accommodate 225 seated guests.

Oh my goodness, you’ll be so happy about this we have three hotels within one block of The Spot on West Fifth, a very safe, short walk for guests and or the bridal party.

See our list of hotels and parking located within walking distance of the venue.

The evening event rental period is for 4 hours, Sunday through Thursday ending at 10:00 PM and Friday and Saturday ending at 11:00 PM.  If you would like to come in early that day for set-up there is no additional charge for the set-up.

We require you submit your day-of timeline 30 days in advance of your event for approval.  If additional days are needed for set-up or break-down, they may be purchased at a reduced rate based on availability.

Yes, we a have professionally installed sound and projection.  If you care to use it, there is a per hour charge of $50 for professional on-site personnel aid in the use of the equipment. 

If you choose to use our AV partner Toad Productions, in an additional capacity for the event, the $50 per hour fee is waved. Check out for available services.

We have a sweet place for the bridal party to get ready.  It is furnished, spacious, has a bathroom, exposed brick and natural lighting for getting ready and for fabulous photos.

The guys are welcome to hang in the bar area and kitchen to get ready but sorry no special rooms for them.

There are four parking garages and one parking lot within a block and a half of The Spot on West Fifth.  You can also hire a valet service if you like.

See our list of hotels and parking that is located within walking distance of the venue.

There is handicap access through the back entrance with an elevator to the first floor.  We’ll be happy to assist you through that entrance.

Apologies. Our office is off-site and the building is locked when not in use.  If an event is being set-up or happening, please do not enter the building.  We’d be happy to schedule a tour with you.

Yes, alcohol is allowed.  For weddings, receptions and other private events, we require renters to hire experienced bartenders or a caterer with the appropriate license and insurance covering event liability and alcohol liability risks.  Non-profit fundraisers must follow the State of Ohio laws and obtain the required special event permit if they choose to have a cash bar.

Yes, but they must be enclosed in glass and located a safe distance from all flammable materials.  Sterno may be used with chafing dishes.

College events, high school events, and events where the attendees (in a ratio exceeding 10 to 1) are younger than 21 years old must have a City of Cincinnati Police Officer present during the entire event.

We require a completed, initialed and signed rental agreement along with a deposit in the amount of half of the rental rate plus a $300 refundable damage deposit to secure the date.

First, check your spam folder (and make sure you add to your address book so that you receive future emails). If you still haven’t received a response from us, please re-submit the form. Something could’ve gone wrong on our end. You can always call our office at (513) 687-4955.

Absolutely you can and we have some great ideas for set-ups to do this.  When you come see our space it will be easy to see how perfect we are for this. And yes, we’re glad to help with the re-set once the ceremony is over.

Frequently Asked Questions September 15, 2018